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Advertising Logo KitesClick for detailed information and larger picture and Promotional Kites

   As excellent gifts, pan's kites are widely used in advertisement. We can print various pictures, signs and words supplied by you on the advertisement and gift kites.
  Such kites are usually designed by our customers. For the purpose of presenting, they usually are small and have a low price, because they are made of cotton paper and bamboo, but they are certain to fly easily. It possesses all the features with which the advertising gifts should have been provided. It is good enough to be the free gifts for your clients. Pan's Workshop is the largest manufacturer of advertising logo kites and promotional kites. Our clients come from all over the world, such as McDonald's, Coca Cola Company, Dieppe in France, the international amnesty organization ,famous enterprises and organizations and so on. At present, we can produce 300,000 such kind of kite each month, and offer the lowest price in the world. We're sure to meet your demands compeletly. We also can make huge advertisement kites, which are flown over squares. At special places, they can produce a heart-shaking advertising effect. Contact with us right away. With the largest production scale in China and the lowest price in the world, we 're sure to make you have unthinkable gains.

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Click for detailed information and larger picture


Diamond KitesClip to enter Diamond Logo Kites

Diamond Kites are common logo kites and promotional kite. It is foldable and convenient to carry. Three kinds of standard sizes are available for the Diamond Kites. Cloth and fiberglass are used as the material. We apply silk screen on print the logo. You're very welcome for any special requests on sizes and materials and quantities and lines and so on.          Detailed Information


Triangle Logo Kites

Clip to enter Triabgle Logo KitesLike the Diamond Kites, the triangle kites are common logo kites and promotional kite, foldable and convenient and easy to carry. Two kinds of the sizes of the triangle logo kites are available. Price setting are flexible as many selections for materials. In China, Pan's Workshop is the first one to produce the triangle kites. We are the first in term of the output nation-widely. We've ever provided 300,000 kites of this kind within a month to McDonald's. This monthly output is peerless in China. It has make us the possibility to provide you the products with the lowest costs.

                                       Detailed Information 

Traditional Chinese Kites

Traditional Chinese Logo Kites and promotional kite, promoted only by Pan's Workshop world widely, are made of the Chinese classical traditional kites. Using the paper and bamboo as the material, they are produced completely by hand.We're are the only one that introduced the Chinese traditional kites to the logo kites. It's very popular as a new ethical advertising logo handicraft in many countries. With the peerless advantage of labor resources, we can provide you unthinkable low prices which are good enough to make you to present them freely as the advertising logo gifts.We are the only one that apply the handicrafts to the advertising logo products in the world. Please contact with us soon! At maximum, we can provide you 20,000 kites of this kind.

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Square Logo KitesClip to enter Square Logo Kites

Square logo kites and promotional kite are made of bamboo and kite paper. It is the specialty of Weifang. No one observe and study its history. In the world-famous kite hometown-Weifang, almost each adult played this kind of kite in their childhood.

                                          Detailed Information



Product-shaped kites Click for detailed information and larger picture

With our originality and design, the logo kites and promotional kites of the miniatures of certain products first came into being in 1995 when we made kites of bottles for the Coca Cola Company in 1995. Its particularity is impressive even though not being used widely.


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