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Handmade Paper

Books on Kites




 Paper Purely Made by Hand

Paper making technique is the invention of China. Using the original arts and crafts, purely made by hand, we make paper which is the evidence of the ancient civilization. Through many years' explorations and organizations, we own the throughput in large scale and in particular. This kind of paper is good material not only for making kites but also widely used in the other lines involving paper-using, which includes calligraphy and painting and packaging and so on. In order to meet the clients' demands, we've produced the painting book made of this kind of paper for special need in drawing.

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 Book on Kites


  Painting on Kites


    It gives the general introduction about the painting techniques on the Chinese kites.



    Author: Bohua Pan

    Publishing time:

    Letterform: Simplified Chinese Character 






  Kite Cartography

    This is the first book in the history record that illustrates kites by cartography. Detailed illustrations of the classical traditional Chinese kites are introduced in the book. Each part of the kite is chalked out in accordance with the proportion. You are completely able to make the most classical Chinese kite with the guidance of this book. It includes dragon kites, swallow kite, etc.


    Author: Bohua Pan

    Publishing time:

    Version: Chinese & English







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