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 On Products Prices

  On our Webpage ,we can only offer prices to wholesale dealers and sellers. If you are interested in our products ,please clip the following contact and fill in the business information .We'll open our price page the next working day.


I need a wholesale price



    If you are a terminal retail dealer, the price on the Web page may not quite suitable for you. If you do need the price, please contact with us. We'll offer you the nearest seller or a price. If you want to buy retail,  you have to pay the postage from China to your country. We remind you the postage because maybe it's more than the price of buying a kite. 


Ordering rules


   Every product has its own unique number .No matter you are a wholesale dealer or a retail dealer, you have to offer us the number of the products you wanted.


    Ordering steps:

         1. Offer us the numbers, quantity, delivery time, consignment time, terms of shipment and all the information that you think useful. And also you should tell us the name of your company and your telephone numbers and other information for our contact.


         2. After we have received your information for ordering, we'll contact with you the next working day. If you receive an e-mail with the subject Ordering Confirmation, after your confirmation without any mistakes, you can remit us. Usually your cable remittance from North America or Europe will arrive within 6 days. After we've received your remittance, we'll email you.


        3. All the ordering plans will begin after we received your remittance. So after you have remitted us, you'd better e-mail us. And as a result, our business will begin ahead of time.


    Do not worry about the confuse of your ordering and remittance. To assure this, we've especially assigned a person to deal with all the order sheets and your business files. If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us.

     Detailed information about ordering rules.



 Terms of payment

For the usual orderings, we need all your remittance for the goods and the shipment. If your ordering is in large quantity, you can also pay us by opening the L/C.


 Currently we can not accept the payment by using credit cards .But we are now trying to solve the problem .If you have any questions about payment ,please contact with us.


                     Detailed information



 Package and shipment


   We now use two different kinds of package according to the different sizes of the kites .They are by using plastic bags and nylon bags. Plastic bags are usually used for cheap or small kites ,meanwhile nylon bags are used for professional or advanced kites.

  The package for traditional Chinese kites is now an unacceptable problem to international circles.In history, traditional Chinese kites have no standard instructions for package and the operation .Many of the kites circles have met with this problem.

  We are very glad to see this questions is now being solved .Pan's workshop has begun to solve this problem since 1998.Because Chinese kites include too many types ,we can't solve this problem completely until the first half of 2001.

  But are sure that if you would like to make the beautiful Chinese kites easy to operate (easy operation for business and flying) ,you will wait for the time.

  Before the solution of the problem ,we are looking forward your contact with us about any questions and suggestions on package to make our business fluently.

   Detailed information on package, ways of shipment and freight charge


 Pay attention about orderings


 For your uneventful orderings ,please read the follows:

  1.For your first contact with us ,do please tell us your country ,address and the name of your company.

 2.When you order ,please note the numbers of the products .Every product has its unique number.

 3.After you received our e-mail with the subject Ordering Confirmation ,if you have no questions ,you can remit us.

 4.After you have remitted us ,you are suggested to email us at the same time .So your ordering can be dealt with ahead of time.

 5.If you have any questions ,please clip:

Tel : + 86 536 8223456
Fax: + 86 536 8662235

P.O.Box 09001 Siping Road Kuiwen  Weifang Shandong. 261041. China




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