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   Ways of payment

   For common orderings, we need you to pay all the money. After we've received all the money for goods and freight, the orderings will begin.



   Ways of remittance

   We accept two ways of remittance, cable remittance and opening L/C. Usually cable remittance is often used. The remittance from US or Europe to our Chinese bank accounts will arrive in no less than 6 days. If you have some difficulties in remitting to China ,also you can remit to our bank accounts in France. Either your remittance to China or to France is safe and reliable.


  If it is large orderings, you can also use the ways of payment by using L/C. Of course cable remittance is most acceptable. But this depends on you.


   After your remittance, you are suggested to e-mail us. This is to assure your ordering and put your orderings into carrying out. After we've received your remittance, we'll e-mail you for your confirmation.







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