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About packing

We now use two different kinds of package according to the different sizes of the kites .They are by using plastic bags and nylon bags. Plastic bags are usually used for cheap or small kites ,meanwhile nylon bags are used for professional or advanced kites.

The package for traditional Chinese kites is now an unacceptable problem to international circles. In history, traditional Chinese kites have no standard instructions for package and the operation .Many of the kites circles have met with this problem.

We are very glad to see this questions is now being solved .PAN has begun to solve this problem since 1998.Because Chinese kites include too many types ,we can't solve this problem completely until the first half of 2001.

But are sure that if you would like to make the beautiful Chinese kites easy to operate (easy operation for business and flying) ,you will wait for the time.

Before the solution of the problem ,we are looking forward your contact with us. about any questions and suggestions on package to make our business fluently. 

 Ways of packing for shipment


  We have three ways of package for shipment: wood sheets box, paper box and cloth bags. We'll choose the way above according to different products and ways of shipment. There are two types:


 1.For small quantity of ordering or goods by mail through post office ,we usually choose paper box package( but for modern kites we'll choose cloth bags package). I mean we'll fill several kinds of products you ordered in a paper box .If we fill each of the products in a box separately ,the postage will be more than you think ,even several times more than the price of the products .Of course, we have to assure the safety of your products by this kind of package.


  2.For large quantities of orderings  or by shipment ,we usually choose paper box or wood-sheet box for every kind of products separately. We choose wood-sheet box for large kites.


  If you have some special instructions about the packing of transportation ,please note us when order.


 Ways of Shipment &Freight information


Usually we choose the following four kinds of shipment: 

   1.through post office 
   2.through EMS 
   3.through containers of shipping air mail


    After we've received your information about ordering, we'll suggest you the means of transportation and the freight price, according to the ordering quantity, delivery time, the size of the goods. We'll follow the following principle when suggest you the means of transportation: under the circumstance of the delivery time, this is is the cheapest means. Of course, you can make your own choice about the means of transportation. Here are four means of transportation for your reference, so that you can have a general idea about the means of transportation. The Web for the detailed price of the four means of transportation are under construction. Before we issue that, the specific freight should depends on your confirmation when you order.

   1.Through  post office.

    This is a kind of door to door service. This is the most suitable means for those without strict delivery time and of small quantities. Usually the goods will reach most cities of North America and Europe within 20 days. The disadvantage is the restriction of size and weight. If the package size of your ordered goods is more than 1mx0.5mx0.5m,or the gross weight of each package is more than 20kg (30 kg to North America) this means of transportation is not suitable. The other disadvantage of this means is the not being accurate of the time. So the orderings with strict delivery time do not ask for this kind of transportation/To adapt the demands above, we usually use Mixed Packing to pack goods.


The potage price to US:

                     7KGS: USD103.00 

                   10KGS: USD160.00 
                   15KGS: USD240.00 

                   20KGS: USD300.00
                   25KGS: USD360.00 

                   30KGS: USD450.00


 The detailed price of this kind of transportation and price inforrnation of reaching other countries will be issued these days. Please pay attention to our replacement.


   2.By EMS

 This is a door to door service. It is the most suitable transportation for those orderings of small quantities and small weight or those without strict delivery time.
 The goods can reach most places all over the world within 6 days. The advantages are door to door service, being fast, with assurance, without the restrictions of packing size. The disadvantage is the high price. The price and ways of charging are:

Less than 500g: USD 39.00
More than 500g: USD 11.00 per 500 g

This is the price to North America. The prices to other places will be issued these days. Pay attention to our replacement.


   3.By airmail.

  This transportation will be adopted with emergent delivery time and large orders. The advantages are being fast, and reasonable prices. The goods will reach most of the airports within 5 days. The disadvantage is needing the declaration to the Customs and having no door to door service. This is charged by weight or by size. The light goods will be charged by size while the heavy ones by weight.

Airmail freight to North America:
Charged by weight of 1,000 kg: USD 5.60 per kg
Charged by size :Every cubic meter goods is charged the same with 167 kg goods, and the price per kg is the same with charged by weight.

The airmail prices to other countries will be issued these da


   4.Ocean Shipment.

  This transportation is adopted when you make a large order or you have enough delivery time. The advantage is the low price ,hardly any damage. The disadvantage is without door to door service. Reaching east coast of US needs 35 days, and west coast 20 days. It is charged by weight or size.

Freight to US:
To east coast: USD 110.00 per cubic meter or USD110.00 per ton.
To west coast: USD 70.00 per cubic meter or USD 70.00 per ton.

The freight of shipment to other countries will be issued later.

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