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  We are now establishing a world wide selling net. We heartly welcome your cooperation with us .If you are a member of our selling lines,you can get the supply of the high quality kites in the world and you can have the chance to join us in holding Chinese kites arts exhibitions. With us behind you firmly, you can be the competitive kite dealers in your community easily.

 Cooperating Styles

   The cooperating styles include sample order,selling agency,holding Chinese kites art exhibitions.

  Sample orders
  No matter what kind of kite products to be made,with your samples or the pictures of the products,we are sure to supply you with satisfied products.

  Selling Agency
  All our selling agents come from our dealers .Usually you should do this by beginning to wholesale our products.To apply to be our selling agent you have to get the following three conditions:knowing our products,haing certain selling market,with good credit.

  Joining us in holding Chinese kites art exhibitions. Detailed information


  We welcome any kind of cooperation.If you are intended to do so ,please contact with us right away. We are sure that with our superiority and strength,both of us can have nice development.


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