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Brief History of Chinese Kites

  Kites in China have a long history. It is said that, in Han Dynasty, General Han Xin used a kite as a tool to survey. During the time of Liang Wudi Emperor, it was used for sending messages . Unfortunately, it didn't work well. In South and North Dynasty, someone jumped off a high place with carrying a kite on his back. He survived. Mr Zhang of Tang Dynasty took advantage of kite to send signals successfully for help as he was surrounded by the enemy.         Detailed information


Origination of Kites

   Generally, there're three kinds of legends for the origin of kite, which are, first, Legend of Bamboo Hat and Leaf; second, Legend of Sailing Ship and Tent; third, Legend of Bird. The conclusion that China is the original place of kites is recognized through out the whole world.

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Kinds of China's Kites

There are four main kinds of classifications for Chinese kites:

1.Classified by images 
2.Classified by structures 
3.Classified by functions 
4.Classified by sizes 

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Art Genres & Characteristics of Chinese Kites

  affinity with each historical periods and various zones; and firmly relates with the music, dance, drama, folk-customs and religion of each individual folk. It has formed various art systems and genres as time goes by. Generally speaking, there are six kinds: Beijing kites, Weifang kites, Tianjin kites, Nantong kites, Jiangnan kites, Taiwan kites. 


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Workmanship of China's kites

   Workmanship of China's kites can be summarized as four points: structuring, paperhanging, colored drawing, flying. 
  Structuring includes: selecting material, cleaving bamboo, curving bamboo, linking bamboo. 
  Paperhanging includes: selecting material, cutting out, paperhanging, disposing and rectifying fringe. 
  Colored drawing includes: composing picture, outlining, dyeing, decorating. 
Flying includes: selecting site and weather, tool, flying off, adjustment, controlling. 
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Introductions to different countries' kites festivals

  Many countries have their own festivals. If you want to attend they will fill in your schedules. I'm afraid that you do not have enough time to attend all of them because some of them are held at the same time.


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Funny Stories about Kites

   In ancient English, kite is Cyta originating in ancient English. Kite is Cyta originating from the ancient Teutonic word ?Kuze?night owl) and ?Kyta?( diamond ); in French, Ceyf-Volant, means"flying deer"in Germany, Drache, means"the same to dragon"in Spain, Cometa, means comet. Like"paper-glede"in China, these names all bases on the image describing. from the ancient Teutonic word ?Kuze? night owl) and ?Kyta?( diamond ); in French, Ceyf-Volant, means"flying deer"in Germany, Drache, means "the same to dragon"in Spain, Cometa, means comet. Like "paper-glede"in China, these names all bases on the image describing.

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