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 Welcome to visit China PAN




---------            Guiding principles for link up with PAN kites Web



----------                  If you would like to link up Pan's Web, please read the follows and obey:


---------                   You have to obey the following guiding principles when link up PAN kites Web.


                                1.You may link up the contents in PAN Web, but you can never copy it.

                                2.You can never found an explorer or similar circumstances about the contents in PAN Web.

                                3. Do not imply that PAN has approved of any of your products.

                                4.Do not state the relations with PAN not in accordance with facts.

                                5. Do not supply any false information about PAN products or services.

                                6.Do not use PAN signs without the permission of PAN.

                                7. Do not supply the statements or explanations of disgust, attack or argument. You can only 

                                     supply the statements suitable for all ages.



                                    If you agree with all the clauses above, please clip: enter to link up us






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