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Brief introduction to Exhibitions on Chinese kites arts:

  After 2000 years of development, Chinese kites has become a special national arts, and the important parts of Chinese culture as well. PAN is the originator of Chinese kites exhibitions, and also an expert of powerful and experienced kites exhibitions.


Some of the exhibition achievements:

      In 1989 the Chinese Kites Arts Exhibition was held at Tianhe Sports Center, Guangzhou,cooperated with Guangzhou Zhujiang Economic Broadcasting Station. It welcomed the visit and high praise of the Chinese leaders Li Ruihuan, Qiao Shi and Zhang Wannian, etc. Being the time of Spring Festival of 1990, nearly 1.5 million people with those from HongKong, Macao and Taiwan visited it.It got great praise from the media of Guangdong Province, HongKong and Macao.

       In 1993,the Chinese Kites Arts Exhibition was held at the Chinese Revolutionary History Museum at Tiananmen Square. Up to now it is the largest exhibition, during the two-month exhibition we showed over 6,000 kites of different kinds and types.


       In 1994,a large kites exhibition was held in Zhengzhou City,China.


       In 1995,cooperated with Luyexianzong Group, Malaysia, a large Chinese Kites Arts Exhibition was held at Zhaomingtai Xiangfan, China.


       In 1996,cooperated with Foreign Propaganda Office, Jiangsu Province Committeelarge exhibitions was held in Nanjing, Lianyungang, Vancouver Canada separately.


       In 1998,a large exhibition was held in France.


       In 1998, a large exhibition was held in Dalian City, China.


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In 1989.accompanied by Pan Bohua, from PAN, the Chinese leader Li Ruihuan visited the Chinese Kites Arts Exhibition





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The Exhibition scene in Zhengzhou China ,1994.




The contents of exhibition:

   The contents include: General introduction to the written material, pictures of Chinese kites, different kinds and types of traditional elaborate Chinese kites, the awards got in competitions, and the introduction to famous persons, and the site scene performance of kites making ,teaching Chinese kites arts to local schools, organizing the students to have a Chinese kites making competition.



Cooperating with us( the styles):  

   All our exhibitions are held with your cooperation. No matter you are personal, a company, government or an organization you are always welcome to cooperate with us. Usually we adopt the following forms: you offer the place, and we offer the showing products and working staff.



Benefits from the exhibition: 

 The benefits come from aids, advertisements, tickets, the selling of commodities and souvenirs. To different countries, this is a kind of cultural exchange. So we get the support and aids from the local governments of many countries. Many of the exhibition places are free of charge and of course ,so are the tickets.



  "Arts of mini kites"


  You can want the video file. It is the Pan Chinese kite art exhibition in
1996 in France.


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